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1 Day Adventure Safari At Hells Gate National Park

1 Days

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Departing Mombasa

Tour Highlights

  • Cyling for 7km
  • Guided Walking Safari
  • Bird Watching
  • Trekking at the Hell’s Gate Gorge
  • Boat Ride at Lake Naivasha with sightings of hippo
  • Rock Climbing at Fitcher’s Tower
  • Olkari Geothermal Power Plant

Safari in Details

Day – 1 Nairobi – Hells Gate National Park
Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the few Kenyan nature reserves where walking is safe, the park is home to Africa’s more serene wild animals – a fact that sits at odds with the parks hellish-sounding name. Admire zebras, gazelles and rare birdlife like Verreaux’s Eagles
This adventure 1 day Safari to Hell’s Gate National Park gives you the opportunity to cycle in the wild a midst wildlife and then take a walk in the gorges. The journey takes a drive down the Great Rift Valley stopping at the viewpoint for photography. You then continue on to get to Hell’s Gate National Park at 1000 Hours.

You will ride the bicycle for 7 Kilometers before resting at a ranger’s post where you will enjoy picnic lunch. After lunch you leave the bikes at the post and start a walking safari to explore The Hell’s Gate Gorge on foot. Enjoy the spectacular views of the gorge including the central tower. The volcanic activity is very evident from the hot water streaming on the walls of the gorge.
The hot springs and a fabulous scenic landscape besides the diverse wildlife are just incredible. Walk back to pick your bikes and return to the vehicle for the 90 kms journey back to Nairobi.
Other activities that can be included in this adventure are:
Rock climbing at the fitcher’s tower.
A visit to the olkaria geothermal power plant where you can see the hot steam jet out in the air. There is a swimming pool fed by the hot steamy water which is medicinal and a restaurant is under construction adjacent to the swimming pool.
Take a boat ride at lake Naivasha to see hippos and waterbirds as well a chance to see the African Fish Eagle at work.

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