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Ideally positioned in the centre of Rwanda, Kigali extends across several hills and valleys, with good road links to the rest of the country. The verdant capital city is pleasantly low key yet dynamic and progressive, with just over one million inhabitants. First-time visitors to the bustling and colourful centre often remark how clean the streets are, a matter of pride across every community throughout the country. Kigali is a relatively new city. It was founded as an administrative outpost in 1907, and became the capital of the country at independence in 1962, shifting focus away from Huye. The city’s wide tree-lined boulevards and immaculate squares are safe to stroll, where outsiders are generally left to their own devices unless they need assistance, in which case they will be greeted with warm hospitality. Most tourists skip through Kigali on their way to go gorilla trekking in other parts of Rwanda or nearby Uganda, but if you have the time, Kigali is an incredible, vibrant, and beautiful city known as the Singapore of Africa. With a thriving arts scene and social conscience that includes the banning of plastic bags and monthly community city cleanups, Kigali is leading the way for many other cities in Africa and, indeed, around the world.

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