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Mombasa Excursions

Highlights of Mombasa Excursions

Arlom Safaris has carefully outlined some few excursions and safaris from Mombasa a major departure and arrival points in Kenya. You can enjoy one of the already prepared excursions and safaris, have it changed to suit your desire or even plan your own with Arlom Kenya Safaris Help.

Mombasa is an island and is Kenya’s second largest city next to Nairobi which is the country’s city. It has an area of 14kmsq and a population of about 2 million of which are of mixed origin: Asians, Arabs, Africans and Europeans. Mombasa is believed to have been founded in the 12th century and was an important center of slaves and ivory trade. It is popular as a historical town as well as a touristic destination because of its fine climate and sandy beaches. The coastline of Mombasa extends for a distance of 480 km from Tanzania on the south to Somalia on the north. The island is linked to the mainland with 5 major points. To the south coast Likoni and Mtongwe ferry points, to the north coast Nyali Bridge and to the west mainland Makupa and Kipevu causeways.

Day Tours

Mombasa City Tour

The tour of Mombasa will take you through the baobab forest, the only one of its kind on the island believed to have once been a Portuguese graveyard, with a view of the Likoni Ferry operating on a 24 hour basis everyday.

The Mama Ngina Drive named after the wife of the first president of Kenya Mama Ngina Kenyatta which is now a picnic site. You will see along this road: Mombasa Golf Course, the oldest in East Africa, Florida Night Club and Casino, State’s own installations – no photography allowed including: Portuguese light house, Mombasa Provincial Police Headquarters, State House, Treasury Square, Mombasa Law Courts, Town Hall and shortly arrive at the Fort Jesus built by the last captain of Malindi and the fast of Mombasa called Mateus Mendes de Vasconcelos in 1593.

A walk along the narrow streets of old town can take you to the old port dating back to 12th century when Mombasa is believed to have been founded. 

The MacKinnon Market which was once a slave market will add flavor on your tour before the guide takes you along the busy streets of Nkrumah, Digo and Moi avenues to have a glance of the Elephant tusks built to remind us of the slave and ivory trade that was carried on the East African coast line and as a commemoration of the visit of Princess Margaret to Kenya in 1952. 

The visit to the Hindu temple via the Mombasa Railway Station and onto the Makupa Causeway to the Akamba wood carving industry – a cooperative society with about 3,000 employees working together on wood carvings will terminate your tour of Mombasa.

Excursion to Haller Park

This is a World ecological rehabilitation showcase. The once quarried barren landscape is now a rich coastal tropical ecosystem bursting with life.

Haller Park and Forest trails are sanctuary to many animals including Giraffes, Hippos, Giant Aldabran Tortoises, Elands, Oryx, and Buffaloes.

The rich biodiversity is reflected in the over 400 plants and 180 species found in the rehabilitation quarries.

Visit the Butterfly Pavilion started in 1998 and appreciate butterflies in the lovely iridescent colours.

The Sunset Terrace is a serene environment to relax and unwind in nature.

1 Day Wasini Island Tour

Early departure from your hotel and drive across the Likoni ferry through Cashew, Coconut and Sugarcane plantations and the villages of the Digo people arriving at the tiny fishing village of Shimoni.

Upon arrival at the jet you will board a Swahili sailing boat, now motorized for flexibility and sail through an enchanting Seascape of Islets and reef to marvels of the underwater world of Kisite.

This is a great chance to snorkel with the Dolphins or scuba dive among the superb coral gardens. Enjoy your Seafood Lunch on the ancient Island of Wasini in a quite restaurant before sailing to the jet for your return transfer to your respective beach hotels. 

1 Day Malindi and Gedi Ruins Tour

Early departure after breakfast and drive north some 105 km to arrive at the ancient village of Gedi which was founded in the late 13th century or early 14th century by the Arabs.

It was later abandoned in the early 17th century and gazetted as a historical monument in 1927 and declared a National park in 1948. Adjacent to the ruins is the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve which is the largest lowland forest in Kenya unique for its rare birds such as amani sunbird, sokoke rumped elephant shrew and brush tailed mongoose.

You will later arrive in Malindi thought to have been founded in the 10th century by the Arab traders. The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed here in 1498 and erected a pillar known as Vasco da Gama Pillar which stands upto date. Continue to Malindi Marine Park, wood carving industry, the Falconry where different birds of prey can be seen and visit the Snake Park and finally you will be entertained by Giriama traditional dances.

Lunch will be in a nice restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean. After lunch drive back to your respective hotels.

Mombasa Bush Tour

This tour/excursion will take you into the interior of Mombasa where will have the opportunity to mingle with the locals, see the beautiful picturesque landscapes and farmlands lying just outside Mombasa.

You will see agricultural activities such as plantations of Mango, Banana, Sisal and Palm. Visit the Giriama village and see the duty of the African woman – taking care of the house when men go to work.

Know the social life of the Mijikenda – education, health, administration, religion etc. The guide will show many trees of medicinal value such as the Neem tree, Aloe vera etc.

A Giriama traditional dance will end your taste before returning back to your beach hotel.

Excursion to the Ngomongo Cultural Village

Experience“pure magic”

All of Kenya in one spot. This is a collection of nine (9) diverse Rural Kenya tribal homesteads, each complete with hut, cultivated crops, domestic and wild animals.

Each village has tribe specific activities for one to engage in including archery, boating, rafting, tasting tribal foods and liquor, hook fishing, grinding and pounding maize.

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