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1 Day Mombasa Bush Tour To Sokoke Earth Crater

1 Days

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Departing Mombasa

Tour Highlights

  • This is a day trip to legendary location on the Kenyan North Coast with visit of a native village, bush walk and lunch in a bush restaurant. Meet the native people in their living environment.
  • The trip leads to the village Sokoke on the southern rim of the Arabuko Forest, one of the last coastal forests in East Africa.

Safari in Details

1 Day Mombasa Bush Tour To Sokoke Earth Crater
The legend of the origin of the Sokoke Earth Crater
More than 100 years ago there was a Giriama village on the area of the crater, where a family was living. There was also a school in the village. One day the king of the tribe came and told them to go with him, because a series of misfortunes would befall the village. But the family disobeyed and stayed in the village. This was followed by years of storm and earth quakes. The family didn’t survive this. When the king came back some years later, the village was not there any longer. There was only a forest with a deep crater in it. In the night one could hear the voices of people and could see fire, but there was nobody.
Today there is a school near to the crater, the Nyari Primary School. The meaning of “Nyari” in English is “crater”.
Mombasa Bush tour to Sokoke Earth Crater Tour Program
You will be picked in the early morning after breakfast in your hotel. You will drive in a comfortable safari bus on the Mombasa-Malindi highway along the Kenyan north coast. Towards Malindi you will see endless sisal plantations. On the way you will get a first impression of the simple live of the rural people. The Giriama tribe lives in simple houses with straw roof without electricity and water. The cordiality of these people is really fascinating.
In the late morning you will arrive in Sokoke. The people will welcome you with fresh coconut milk prepared in front of your eyes. You will have the possibility to meet the native people and see their clay huts. Learn about their life together with their animals: goats, chicken and ducks. Accompany the women when they are fetching water from the water point in a distance of 150 m. Try to balance one of the heavy water containers on your head!
Such encounters are characterized by friendliness and attention. It is impressing how the local people are climbing on the palms in order to harvest coconuts. Try it by yourself. You will take part on a Kenyan palm wine tasting. In the late morning you will have the occasion for a bush walk about a distance of approx. 2 km. You will be guided by English speaking village people.
Around 12 o’clock you will visit the legendary earth crater in Sokoke.After this visit you drive for lunch to the Arlore-Sokoke Bush Restaurant. Enjoy traditional Kenyan dishes and a cold drink. The bush restaurant was opened in 2013. The restaurant is provided with suitable sanitary facilities. When you arrive at the restaurant you will watch African drums and dance performances by the local people. In the afternoon you say good bye and return to back your hotel. You will reach your hotel right in time for dinner.
Duration of the tour: 1 day
Min. number of participants: 6 persons
Max. number of participants: 18 persons

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