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Nairobi Excursions

Highlights of Nairobi City Tours

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to “cool water”, a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city.

Home to thousands of Kenyan businesses and over 100 major international companies and organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), Nairobi is an established hub for business and culture. 

It is the only city in the world to have a national park few kilometers from the Central Business District, the Nairobi National Park. Other attractions near Nairobi National Park are: Karen Blixen Museum, Animal Orphanage, Giraffe Centre and Bomas of Kenya.

City Tours

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is situated 6 miles (10 km) from the heart of Kenya’s capital. Established in 1946, it has 44 square miles (114 square km) of pristine savanna with a large population of migratory game animals.

Take an exciting 4-hour game drive through the Nairobi National Park. Stay on the lookout for many species of wild animals, including black rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetah, hyenas, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest, as well as countless species of migratory and resident birds. The park’s open border on its southeast perimeter allows a corridor for the natural migration of game animals during the seasonal rains. Don’t miss this chance to get up close with some of Kenya’s amazing wildlife!

Karen Blixen Museum Tour

Karen Blixen Museum is located in the outskirts on the city centre, was named after the famous heroin Karen Blixen (Dutch Woman) on whom the movie ‘Out of Africa’ was based.

It is a fascinating point for all visitors, about 20 minutes drive from the Nairobi city center. The house has much of its original features still intact.

Photographs and original oil portraits painted by Ms Blixen adom, the walls show glimpse of life on this former coffee plantation. 

Nairobi National Museum Tour

This was initial called Sir Robert Coryndon Museum but re-named in 1930 and opened to the public.

It is divided into several wings: including the snake park, aquarium, areas of arts, human prehistory, ethnography and history diversities of Kenyan culture.

In mammal and birds galleries, it is where one come close to the exhibits and refresh his/her experience from the bush.

The Animal Orphanage Tour

While on an excursion to the Animal Orphanage you’ll find that the surroundings are lush with vegetation and are beautiful to look at against the reddish dust/clay of the earth – it constantly reminds you that you’re in the heart of Africa. Each animal has a name and its age and a reference to where it came from.

Other interesting facts include biological details -its life expectancy, how much and what it eats natural habitat, etc. You can also read about how each animal came to be there – whether it was rescued or born in captivity.

If it was rescued, there is a story about who rescued it, what it was suffering from and a brief tale of its recovery and rehabilitation. 

Excursion to the Giraffe Centre

‘AFEW’ A creation of Kenyan conservation organization means “Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife was founded in 1979.

It is only 14km from the Nairobi city centre. It was founded by the late Mr. John David (Jock) Leslie-Melville in order to monitor the expenditures of funds raised by the AFEW – USA which were used to translocate the Rothschild giraffe from Soy area to the AFEW centre.

While on an excursion tour of Giraffe centre you will come close to the tallest mammal of the world, feed it, kiss it, stroke it or even pose for a photo besides it.

Nairobi City Tour 

This excursion begins in the morning when you depart to the colourful City Market located near the Nairobi city center; visit the Parliament buildings dating from the 1930s.

Inside, be sure to see the statue of Jomo Kenyatta, needlework tapestries showing Kenya’s history, a mosaic of Kenyan tribes. Later visit the National Museum of Kenya, The last stop is at the Snake Park.

Drive back to the hotel arriving for lunch and end your Excursion. 

Bomas of Kenya Excursion

Located in out skirts of the Nairobi city, one kilometer from the animal orphanage and Nairobi National Park.

While on this excursion tour you will be treated to existing traditional music and dances, view traditions of different tribes ranging from Masai’s to the exhilarating Giriama and coastal dances.

Sample traditional dishes from different tribes and get taste of Kenya’s culture. 

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